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  Hospitality Work

• Payne Stewart Statue Foundation, Pinehurst #2
• The National Golf Club, Pinehurst
• Golf Learning Center, Pinehurst
• The Legacy, Virginia
• The National Entrance, Southern Pines
• Little River Farm Condos
• Keith Hills Country Club, Buie's Creek

• Holly Inn, Pinehurst
• Carolina Hotel, Pinehurst
• Spa Garden, Pinehurst
• The Homestead, Virginia
• Neville’s, Southern Pines
• Pinehurst Dining Garden
• The Cottages, National Golf Club, Southern Pines
The Holly Inn Driveway
The Southern Prime Steakhouse

Howells Masonry l 10327 Hwy 211, Aberdeen NC 28315 l 910-944-0878 l 910-944-0847 (Fax)